Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha: Piece on the Global Chess Board – 4
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Destroy the Asuras

The Atlantic Slave Trade, colonization of continents, the Spanish, Portuguese and Goa Inquisitions, and Nazism, demonstrated the Church’s capacity to use the secular Christian State for its political objective to win territories for the father-who-art-in-heaven. Slave trade, colonialism, Inquisition and Nazism rampaged across the world leaving behind in their wake, organized and targeted genocide of non-Christians, the worst human rights abuses, the worst crimes against women in particular and humanity at large, and the worst possible war crimes by the Church and its partner the Christian State on a never-before-scale seen in history.


The only parallel to this sustained and continuing till the present day, typically Abrahamic Christian violence and brutality against peoples of the world, is the Abrahamic Muslim invasion of Hindu India lasting over 800 years and still going strong. The League of Nations came into being in 1920 in the immediate aftermath of the intra-Christian First World War, while its offspring the United Nations was created in 1946 in the aftermath of the intra-Christian Second World War, with the express but unstated intent to punish the perpetrators of Nazism and as collective Christian expiation, give to the traumatized and dispersed Jewish people in 1948, the State of Israel as their homeland.


For some inexplicable reason, the Jews have failed to articulate the fact that Nazism, like slavery and colonialism, was also a Christian derivative and a continuation of the abomination called Inquisition. Taking refuge behind the shield provided to them by the Jews to hide their sins against humanity and Creation, White Christian countries set in motion the process of creating a world body of countries with a charter of virtues they had no moral right to draft, much less enforce or implement.


As colonialism ended and the former colonies struggled to restore the roots of their nationhood and re-assert their nationalism, the United Nations, as was intended with foresight, became an instrument of American foreign policy and evolved into a tool of harassment of countries and leaders standing up to the White Christian poles of post-colonial world order.


The role of the United Nations as perceived by political observers, from the time when the UN handed the fledgling republic of Indonesia back to its colonial oppressors in 1946 (as the first good deed in the service of its masters), and until its condemnable role in enforcing America’s genocidal 13 year long economic sanctions against the people of Iraq, only substantiates the writer’s charge that the UN is an instrument of White Christian foreign policy.


The UN must do away with the “small privileged class” of nations called the Security Council and make the General Assembly the only decision-making body to transform itself into a truly democratic body. If a democratic body called General Assembly is marginalized and overruled by a privileged oligarchy called the Security Council, we may yet see the day when the self-serving UNSC may push victim nations and the rest of the quiescent world to render the United Nations either ineffective or irrelevant to international relations.


As long as the UN continues to have one set of rules for Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein and another for Bush and Blair, the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights can at best be a source of mirthful entertainment. Any reference therefore to the UN Declaration of Human Rights and its amendment, Faith in Human Rights (The Hague, December, 2008) in HDAS resolutions must be firmly rejected by Hindus as a significant point of reference in religious or even political issues.


The HDAS must free itself from the stranglehold of this outward-looking, global-minded small and privileged class, and revert to looking inwards as is becoming of the highest body representing Hindus on Hindu bhumi. Its gaze must remain fixed on the two most menacing threats to Hindus and Hindu dharma – religious conversion and foreign money to Christians and Muslims.


Inter-faith dialogues legitimise the Asuras


The writer intends to redirect the attention of the HDAS to the threat of religious conversion to Hindu survival. As pointed out in part 3 of this series, the HDAS from the resounding condemnation in 2003 that religious conversion is violence against the individual, family and society, has speedily reduced the condemnation to a whimper. Let us go back to the papal address at the UNGA in 1995.


-        No one is permitted to suppress those rights by using coercive power to impose an answer to the mystery of man.

-        Therefore, as we approach the 2,000th anniversary of the birth of Christ, the church asks only to be able to propose respectfully this message of salvation and to be able to promote, in charity and service, the solidarity of the entire human family”.


Now let us decode these pregnant declarations –

-        The pope claims seeking an answer to the ‘mystery of man’ is the objective of religious pursuit; needless to say, Hindus think otherwise which however is not germane to this article.

-        Other popes before John Paul II, through encyclicals and exhortations have claimed that only the Church, particularly the Catholic Church has the answer to this mystery and is therefore the only repository of truth; needless to say again, Hindus not only think otherwise, but think the Church’s position is untenable in dharma.

-         The concept of Freedom of Religion as a clause in the UN Charter on Human Rights receives a big boost and is promoted to high status as political weapon and Christian foreign policy tool by the Pope and the UN in 1995 in the context of Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine and other former Soviet Republics denying the Vatican, American and European Protestant churches permission to open shop in their countries which have historically been bastions of the Orthodox church.

-        We must recollect here that the Vatican and the US had been conspiring for decades not only to break up the Soviet Union, but also to wipe off the Orthodox Church already weakened by communism.

-        And that is why the UN has one set of rules for the Slavic Orthodox Christian Slobodan Milosevic and the Muslim Saddam Hussein and another set for Bush and Blair and their Catholic and Protestant partners-in-war-crimes in Iraq.

-        When resurgent nationalism in Russia underscored the basis of its nationhood to be Slavic Orthodox as articulated by Alexander Solzhenitsyn in 1991 in his brilliant monograph “How do we re-build Russia” and refused to let the predators in, the Vatican and other rabid American denominations felt cheated and so promoted the concept of freedom of religion as a political weapon.

-        If the pope picked his cue from Huntington’s analysis that the new world order would be White Christian West versus the rest, to publicly air the Christian hegemonic intent in the UNGA in 1995, the US backed the pope to the hilt and constituted the Bureau of Labor, Democracy and Human Rights as a subsidiary within the US State Department and also constituted the bi-partisan USCIRF; both organs were created to monitor the state of the health of Christianity in the countries of the world.

-        “Coercive power to impose an answer to the mystery of man” means governments of non-Christian countries like Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and state governments in India which felt compelled to put anti-conversion laws in place to protect religions native to their countries.

-        The pope asserted in 1995 that he will exercise his right to declare to all peoples of the world that salvation is possible only through Jesus Christ and he will forge solidarity of humankind in uniting all humans under Christ.

-        The most important part of this manic insistence is that the pope will promote the church, or as he himself put it brazenly in Indian soil in 1999, he will plant the cross in Asia in the third millennium using “charity and service” as weapons.


All this is contained in just these two sentences of the papal address in 1995 to the UNGA; only we must have the political sense to realize it. “Charity and service” is sweet-talk for the latest and most profitable Church industry, both in terms of money and souls harvested for Christ – the Christian NGO industry using social work and Teresa-like charity to spread Christianity like some cancerous cell within Hindu and tribal societies.


Readers are urged to visit the webpage NGO Watch and read the Vigil book on NGOs online on the Vigil website www.vigilonline.com for damning evidence of the cancerous church in India – a cancer powered by foreign funds, facilitated by anti-Hindu polity.


According to Prof. R Vaidyanathan and Sanjeev Nayyar who have undertaken a thorough analysis of foreign funding for NGOs in India, there has been a phenomenal leap of 56% in the quantum of foreign funds in just one year between 2006-’07 while between 1993 and 2007 foreign funds into India has increased by a whopping 650%. Those pumping this kind of obscene money are foreign churches and those receiving this money are Indian churches and Christian agencies.


The writer was compelled to undertake this harsh criticism of the HDAS resolutions and Convener for failing to grapple with the menace which the writer was witnessing in Chennai and in all Tamil Nadu – the church spreading like some incurable disease in the body of the Hindu nation. Incoherent and spluttering bhaktas of the Convener HDAS must first digest these facts –


-        Between 1993-94 and 2006-07 a sum of Rs. 64,670 crores was the Foreign Contributions received in India by organizations registered with the Home Ministry, Govt. of India and who filed their declarations

-        Total funds received per annum have gone up from Rs. 1865 to 12,290 crores (1993-94 to 2006-07) i.e. an increase of 650%

-        The % of associations submitting details of foreign contributions has fallen from 66% in 1997-98 to 56% in 2006-07. That means the actual amount of foreign contributions received is much higher than the reported Rs 12,290 crores in 2006-07

-        Foreign contributions have increased by over 100% since the UPA came to power

-        Top remitting countries are USA, Germany and UK. Amounts remitted between 2002 and ‘03 to 2006-‘07 are Rs. 10,589 crores, Rs. 5,233 crores and Rs. 4,612 crores (in descending chronology of years for the concerned period)

-        Top Donor Agencies in these years are Western read Christian countries except for a contribution from Liaison Office Dalai Lama Japan in 2006-07.

-        Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra are top receivers of foreign contributions

-        Tamil Nadu receipts jumped from Rs. 775 crores in 2002-03 to Rs. 2244 corers in 2006-07, nearly a 200% increase.

-        Chennai, Ranchi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Uttara Kannada and Hyderabad are amongst the districts which received maximum foreign contributions

-        Many districts of Tamil Nadu received over Rs. 100 crores each in 2006-07

-        Key Donors do not appear from the Muslim world which probably means they may be remitting large sums through Hawala and other non-legal and illegal sources


For more details read




Tamil Nadu is the largest recipient of foreign Church funds with Chennai city topping the list. As this analysis points out, Tamil Nadu has the most number of NGOs and the majority of Christian NGOs are in the districts of Chennai, Kanyakumari, Dindukkal and Tiruvallur. This then is the charity and service weapon Pope John Paul II declared the church would deploy to harvest Hindu and other non-Christian souls in Asia. As Vaidyanathan & Nayyar’s comprehensive analysis reveals, if the Vatican comes, can other churches be far behind? The Chennai clique and its overseas compatriots who created the GFCH and are meddling in the affairs of HDAS ought to inform themselves of these figures.


The HDAS/GFCH Pushmepullyou


From the papal address to the UNGA in 1995, let us move forward to the inter-faith convention organized by the Vatican and the WCC in Lariano, Italy, 2006 where three Hindus either representing HDAS or representing Convener HDAS, besides accepting to be placed in the same category as genocidal Islam and Christianity, besides accepting that Hindus have been as guilty as Christians and Muslims for crimes against humanity, also allowed Clause 7 which acknowledged the immense service to humanity which Christian and Muslim NGOs, deceptively labelled “faith communities” by the Church, were undertaking around the world!


-        7. While deeply appreciating humanitarian work by faith communities, we feel that it should be conducted without any ulterior motives. In the area of humanitarian service in times of need, what we can do together, we should not do separately.



Pious platitudes be damned, but the Hindus who participated in this inter-faith convention, if they had had an iota of political sense, would have fiercely resisted inclusion of this clause in the final draft. Placing these resolutions on the HDAS website without any qualifying statement by the Secretariat of the HDAS actually means the Shankaracharya of Puri, Kanchi, the Mahamandaleswars, the Akharas, the ancient Srivaishnava and Saiva mathas, who are the most threatened by the diseased Church, have endorsed the charity & service weapon of the Church and Islam. It means only this, not a whit less.


From UNGA 1995, it is but a small step to that wondrous creature of Hindu imagination, the GFCH. When the Church moves, it moves very fast; but Hindus move even faster it would seem to fulfill the Church agenda. The GFCH did not germinate in a Muslim or Christian mind; it was a Hindu idea nurtured in Gujarat in January 2006 and realized in January 2008.


Let us for the moment set aside the utterly bizarre and unrealistic objectives of the GFCH which bear a close resemblance to Gandhi’s enthusiastic support for Khilafat which, Gandhi insisted to the INC, would win the hearts and minds of Muslims.


In the area of humanitarian service in times of need, what we can do together, we should not do separately”, said the pope piously and the GFCH picked up the cue smartly. The GFCH held the Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair twice in the last twelve months. An excellent initiative, this should have been a stand-alone move to bring together Hindu religious, cultural and service organizations; instead at a press conference on the eve of the first fair in February 2009, it was announced with great pride and fanfare that the GFCH planned to hold similar fairs for Christians and Muslims. Ignoring the anger this pronouncement invoked among a section of political-minded Hindus, the GFCH with supreme arrogance not only refused to give the protesters a hearing but went ahead and made the same announcement on the concluding day of the second fair in December 2009.


Muslims and Christians were undertaking social charity and advocacy missions directly targetting Hindus and Hindu dharma with foreign money pouring into the country. Notwithstanding overwhelming evidence against Muslim and Christian NGOs undertaking so-called service work, the GFCH insisted on holding such fairs for Christians and Muslims too. “This was the first of many such fairs which will be later held on bigger scale in different parts of the country by the other Chapters of GFCH and the Fair will be extended to spiritual and religious organizations belonging to other faiths such as Islam and Christianity to showcase their contributions to the society”. http://www.gfchindia.com/about-us/


Just to emphasize how Hindus at home are unable to perceive where the GFCH ends and HDAS begins, the HDAS resolutions passed in Hyderabad on 11 January 2010, sings odes to this “spiritual and service fair” misadventure by the GFCH

-        “In this connection, the Acharya Sabha noted that a large number of Hindu organizations participated in the Fair held recently in Chennai and that the wide variety and volume of socio-economic projects undertaken under Hindu organizations surprised the general public and the Media”.



This is a travesty of the truth. Whoever drafted the resolutions of HDAS 2010, with deliberate intent failed to tell us if the Acharya Sabha was informed about the fact that this fair was organized under GFCH aegis and that the GFCH intended to hold similar fairs for Christians and Muslims; and if the HDAS was indeed given all the information, how did other venerable Gurus, Acharyas, Mahamandaleswars and Akharas react to this statement of intent –

“To showcase their contributions to the society”! The writer cannot help but recall Gandhi’s (in)famous reaction after the jihadi Moplah massacre of Hindus in Kerala.


-        “Everything is fair in love and war with the Maulana. He has made up his mind that the Moplahs have fought for their religion. And that fact (in his estimation) practically absolves the Moplahs from all blame. That is no doubt a travesty of religion and morality. But to do irreligion for the sake of religion is the religious creed of Maulana Hasrat Mohani. I know it has no warrant in Islam. I have talked to several learned Mussulmans. They do not defend Hasrat Mohani’s attitude. I advise my Malabar friends (outraged Hindus) not to mind the Maulana. In spite of his amazingly crude views about religion, there is no greater nationalist or a greater lover of Hindu-Muslim unity than the Maulana. His heart is sound and superior to his intellect, which, in my humble opinion, has suffered aberration. The Malabar friends are wrong in thinking that the Mussulmans in general have not condemned or have in any way approved of the various crimes committed by the Moplahs. Islam protects even in war women, children and old men from molestation. Islam does not justify jehad except under well-defined conditions. So far as I know the law of Islam, the Moplahs could not, on their own initiative, declare jehad. Maulana Abdul Bari has certainly condemned the Moplah excesses.


-        I see nothing impossible in Hindus, as Indians, trying to wean the Moplahs, as Indians, from their error. I see nothing impossible in asking the Hindus to develop courage and strength to die before accepting forced conversion. I was delighted to be told that there were Hindus who did prefer the Moplah hatchet to forced conversion. If these have died without anger or malice, they have died as truest Hindus because they were truest among Indians and men. (Gandhi’s exposition in Young India on the Moplah Massacre, Young India, 26-1-1922, CWMG Vol. 26 pp 24-27)


Inspired by the same self-destructive for Hindus, Gandhian fantasy of Hindu-Muslim unity and inter-religious relations, the GFCH embarked on a similar journey –


-        One of the initiatives taken by the GFCH is to work with the Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband in the efforts of the latter to hold rallies against terrorism and to promote religious harmony in different parts of India. The GFCH is planning to undertake more initiatives to promote understanding and harmony among different religious and spiritual organizations.


-        Beginning with New Delhi, these conventions witnessed the Deoband School issuing 'Fatwa' against terrorism and describing such violent activities as Un-Islamic. These conventions, supported by organizations such as Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind, were held in Hyderabad and Bangalore also and were attended among others by prominent leaders from other religions including Hinduism. On behalf of GFCH, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar addressed the rally in Hyderabad in October 2008.

Anti-Terrorism Global Peace Conference, New Delhi, May 31, 2008


-        Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, one of the leading Islamic organisations, along with several other Muslim outfits owing allegiance to different sects and ideologies, issued a “fatwa” against terrorism at the Anti-Terrorism Global Peace Conference at Ramlila Grounds in New Delhi.


-        The conference, organised as part of a series of such public meetings across the country, adopted a seven-point declaration condemning the propaganda that “regards terrorism as synonymous with jehad.”


-        “There is a world of difference between terrorism and jehad. Jehad is constructive and terrorism is destructive. Jehad is for the establishment of peace; terrorism is the gravest crime as held by Koran and Islam,” the declaration said.


The Chennai clique, its expanding circle of global compatriots and the Convener HDAS who is also Founder-Patron of GFCH would do well to remember that Gandhi’s mind-stunning folly in leading the INC on the wild-goose-chase for Hindu-Muslim unity and his persistence in interpreting Islam to Hindus as Islam is this or Islam is not that led the Hindu nation to vivisection; not that alone, Muslims who stayed back in India continue to wage jihad against the Hindus, as attested to by the HDAS resolution referring to the district of Melvisharam in Tamil Nadu.


What the HDAS failed to mention was that the Muslims of Pommalampatti village falling under Periayakulam Taluk in Theni district, do not permit Hindus to celebrate Deepavalli. Hindus who lit fireworks on that day were physically assaulted and intimidated. The Muslims of Pommalampatti have re-named it Tulukampatti, which translates as Muslim village.


Muslims of Tamil Nadu have also pressured successive state governments to neutralise and reduce to damp squib the once vibrant Ganesh Chaturti celebrations and processions. The celebration of Bakrid, in stark contrast has become offensively ostentatious with growing numbers of camels and goats paraded in the open streets of Tamil Nadu, as they are readied for slaughter; the alarming growth of animals for slaughter, particularly the camel, on that day is a sign of growing Muslim economic, social and political power.


Completely discounting ground reality about Muslim religious demography and visible financial clout in Tamil Nadu and impervious to the enormous success that the Church has already achieved in harvesting Hindu souls, and unwilling to even consider the idea of dealing with the menace by dealing sternly with Indian polity at home, the GFCH wants to go global to deal with the predatory Church; and the Convener HDAS is going global too.


The GFCH website vision/mission statement that it intends to hold discussions with the Russian Orthodox Church to mobilize international opinion against religious conversion, finds its echo in the opening paragraphs of the HDAS resolutions of 2010 which mentions that Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati visited Moscow to meet with the Russian Orthodox Church in his capacity as Convener HDAS. 


-        “There must be an effort to address and involve civilizational groups linked to the Christian and Jewish faiths, sections of which, even though they have conflict of interests with non-aggressive civilizations. There must be an effort to make them conscious of the real need for a solution driven civilizational approach in the context of the increasing perception that militant Islam is the most potent threat at the current historical juncture. Concurrently, denominations among the Christians, like Russian Orthodox Church, Greek Orthodox Church, which are not fundamentally proselytizing in nature, could be leveraged to make global opinion against religious conversions which is amongst the principal reasons for civilizational disharmony particularly between the proselytizing faiths and non-aggressive Hindu-Buddhist faiths”. http://www.gfchindia.com/about-us/


Gibberish in high places is the stuff nightmares are made of, but if we bravely trudge through the jungle brush we can glean that the GFCH/HDAS tweedledum/tweedledee intend to –


-        Hold talks with Christians and Jews (these are Vatican and American/European Protestant Christians as different from Orthodox Christians) to sell them the lemon that the world, or should it be the globe, needs to adopt a civilizational approach to militant Islam (what this civilisational approach is, is anybody’s fantasy)


-        Hold talks with the Russian and Greek Orthodox Churches to “make global opinion” against religious conversion


(To be continued…)

The author is editor, www.vigilonline.com

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