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Only politics of religion: Spiritualism is a papal con

Global Foundation for Civilizational Harmony is a mind-boggling and foolish beyond belief Hindu creation rooted in papal exhortations. This multi-religious Foundation would have either self-destructed, tearing itself apart by conflict of religious interests, or sooner than later outraged Hindus would have detonated a Sivakasi under its chair in vehement protest; that this has so far not happened is only because the mutually contradictory GFCH and HDAS were shrewdly hitched to the same engine; and when the engine wears the venerable saffron in the form of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, then the bravest of Hindu hearts would quake in trepidation even if it is determined to light a Sivakasi under the GFCH chair.


The HDAS Convener is one of the multi-religious Founder-Patrons of the GFCH; the Convener HDAS is also the patron-saint of the Chennai clique and their compatriots abroad. All this is impacting upon the functioning of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha; and just as the Chennai clique as All Advani’s Men had earlier blurred the lines between RSS ideology and BJP realpolitik, they are now blurring the lines between HDAS’ objective of protecting Hindu interests on Hindu bhumi and the GFCH objective of inter-faith dialogue and conflict resolution through bonhomie. The last battle for survival by Hindus with their backs to the wall may be closer to the truth than the cliché “conflict resolution”.      


Islam and the Church are succeeding at a pace and scale even they would not have imagined, to alter the religious demographic composition of the three southern states of Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, and altering the character and content of public spaces with churches, Christian prayer houses, mosques, madrasas and other vast pieces of real estate being purchased and flaunted by adherents of these two Abrahamic religions. Talk about intellectual Hindus as useful idiots!


Given the astronomical amounts of money coming to these two religions from Christian and Muslim countries, it is either foolish in the extreme on the part of the Chennai clique or something more sinister that they created the GFCH.





The threat posed by such organizations to Hindu interests cannot be overstated because this clique has managed to get the resolutions passed by HDAS 2010 in Hyderabad to make oblique but laudatory references to the GFCH. The Chennai clique and the Convener HDAS are actually fudging the lines between overwhelming, internal threats to Hindu survival and vicarious overseas (primarily American) Hindu NRI (green card) and PIO (American or European citizen) interests.


Hindu nationalists must read the trend-setting address by Pope John Paul II in 1995 to the United Nations General Assembly for two reasons.


First, secularism and all that drivel notwithstanding, it is the Church, whether the Catholic Vatican or the Protestant World Council of Churches which decides the domestic and foreign agenda of White Christian countries. Secularism means the Church and the State (Christian monarchy or a ruling oligarchy of Christian commoners) share the same goal of hogtieing the whole world as different nations under the Christian God; the armies of Christian states and churches of all denominations may be different with different weapons and different battles in the same war but they all go to the battlefield for Christ with the unstated agreement to share the plunder between them.


Second, in pathetic contrast to Jews, Muslims and Christians who sit across each other in multi-religious or inter-religious dialogues, Hindus who participate in these discussions have very poor knowledge

-        Of the political objectives of the Abrahamic religions,

-        The determination and total commitment of their adherents to fulfill those objectives and

-        The power of these religions and their state partners to enforce their agenda towards fulfilling this objective.


The 1995 UNGA address by Pope John Paul II is remarkable for two things: the Pope had the unchallenged audacity to speak of a universal longing for freedom, universal moral law flowing from this universal longing, modern totalitarianisms, and a century of violent coercion giving way to a century of persuasion; but the Pope raised all these noble-sounding virtues only in the context of intra-Christian Second World War, the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the rise and fall of communism. While the Jewish community and the Romany gypsies were the intended and mercilessly targetted victims of Nazism, the Second World War alone is the beginning of the context of the Pope’s self-righteous anger because White Christians were victims of the war they unleashed against the world.


“The quest for freedom in the second half of the 20th century has engaged not only individuals but nations as well. Fifty years after the end of the Second World War, it is important to remember that that war was fought because of violations of the rights of nations”.


We have to read the papal address to the UNGA with a willing suspension of disbelief. The Pope’s address makes no reference to the history of the world prior to the Second World War, shaped by the violent expansion of Christianity across continents; no reference to old totalitarianisms, to the most brutal and merciless violation of nations and abuse of what the Pope now labels as universal human rights of peoples persecuted and destroyed by the Church; the longing for freedom of those peoples and nations made extinct or nearly extinct by the wife&body of Jesus Christ; or the innumerable movements for freedom and courageous wars of independence fought by peoples and nations to end their physical, political and economic slavery, all perpetrated in the name of the Pope’s religion. The colonial-White Christian Second World War and anti-capital and anti-Church communism were the only points of reference for the Pope when he audaciously inaugurated, at the UNGA, the new and universal idiom of political discourse with religion, his religion at the core of world affairs.


This was in 1995. A year later, in 1996, Samuel Huntington expanded upon his 1993 political monograph on the clash of civilizations into a path-breaking book with the same name; only he placed a conjunction after the original title and added for good measure, “And the remaking of World Order”. Pope John Paul II in 1995 at the UNGA readily picked his cue from Huntington’s 1993 thesis and proclaimed with all the papal arrogance at his disposal that it would be the Church and its ‘secular’ state partners, the White Christian western countries, who would craft this World Pecking-Order. The Pope also stated matter-of-factly that he intended to create new nations from old for Christ in the name of rights of nations, universal longing for freedom, universal human rights which included the inviolable right to change religions and nationality, and of course self-determination!!


There can be historical circumstances in which aggregations different from single state sovereignty can even prove advisable, but only on condition that this takes place in a climate of true freedom, guaranteed by the exercise of the self- determination of the peoples concerned”.


Papal Address as statement of intent

The US and the United Nations which provided the Pope with the forum to deliver this political speech masquerading as virtuous indignation, could not have made a more blunt and deliberate collective statement of intent. Let us recollect that the US and the Pope, in 1995, flush with the success of breaking up the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, were in the thick of creating the Christian State of East Timor and actively implementing on the ground “aggregations different from single state sovereignty” (euphemism for threatening the territorial integrity of countries) using the twentieth century Christian political doctrine of self-determination. The new world order would be made with the Church and Christian countries playing Creator and the United Nations playing referee.



Hindus creating more and more forums and institutions for inter-faith dialogue must read the Pope’s UNGA address again and again and yet again to internalize the barely concealed ultimate objective of all Christian totalitarianisms – Church or State. The Pope, not once in the course of this detailed exposition on papal intent, makes any reference to other religions as being essential to the diversity to which he is singing odes. Read the address again, the Pope talks of other nations, other cultures and other languages as being important to nurture diversity of existence; but does not once mention that other religions too must exist for true diversity.


Diversity, as is implied in the papal address, will be permitted in the New World Order, only as diversity of cultures and languages within the Christian Kingdom of God. When India becomes a Christian nation, the Pope will have diversity within diversity – American Christianity, French Christianity, Norwegian Christianity, African Christianity, South-Korean Christianity, and within Indian Christianity he will permit Mundu-wearing Christianity, Kannada-speaking Christianity, Tamil puttu-eating Christianity, Goa pork-eating Christianity, Bindi-wearing Christianity and jeans-attired Christianity. We Christians, says the Pope unctuously, are a diverse world of cultures and languages; patriotic as Indian Christians, Japanese Christians, Chinese Christians and Brazilian Christians; and our multi-national Church celebrates Christian diversity in the ultimate totalitarianism – the Kingdom of God.


In this Kingdom of God of free nations, free by self-determination, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Nagaland, along with East Timor, Poland, Czech, Slovakia and Croatia, will be free nations – free to eat pork or puttu, sport a bindi, lungi, mundu or jeans, free nations which will be permitted to speak Croatian, Danish, English, Spanish or Telugu. But they will all worship only Jesus Christ, his mother on earth, and his Father Who-Art-In-Heaven. This is papal, American and UN diversity. If, as is explicitly but cleverly stated, there is no religion but Christianity, and only a diversity of cultures and languages, then freedom of religion can only mean the freedom to convert non-Christian cultures to Christian religion.    


Readers must not lose sight of this point to better understand why the writer was compelled to condemn all inter-faith and multi-faith meetings and declarations undertaken by the Chennai clique and Swami Dayananda Saraswati on behalf of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha. By declaring through one of its press-notes that the resolutions passed at the Acharya Sabha are binding upon all Hindus, and when HDAS resolutions harp on international this and United Nations that, it is clear that Swami Dayananda Saraswati and the non-Sanyasi coterie using him as front for their own towering ambitions to be key Track II international players, are making the HDAS wily nily a piece on the global chess-board.


Arraigned on the chess board are the Kings and armies of Two kinds of Gods – the monotheist God of the Abrahamic religions on one side, and on the other side,  the ancient and non-monotheist worldviews where people can worship any number of gods, stones, trees, rivers, books, animals and even space,  as they understand ‘God’. 


“And yet if we make the effort to look at matters objectively, we can see that, transcending all the differences which distinguish individuals and peoples, there is a fundamental commonality. For different cultures are but different ways of facing the question of the meaning of personal existence. And it is precisely here that we find one source of the respect which is due to every culture and every nation: Every culture is an effort to ponder the mystery of the world and in particular of the human person. It is a way of giving expression to the transcendent dimension of human life. The heart of every culture is its approach to the greatest of all mysteries: the mystery of God. Our respect for the culture of others is therefore rooted in our respect for each community's attempt to answer the question of human life. And here we can see how important it is to safeguard the fundamental right to freedom of religion and freedom of conscience, as the cornerstones of the structure of human rights and the foundation of every truly free society. No one is permitted to suppress those rights by using coercive power to impose an answer to the mystery of man”.


Culture, not religion, said the Pope! When important leaders in the RSS who are expected to have a sound understanding of politics, especially politics of religion, parrot “Hinduism is not a religion, it is a way of life rooted in our culture”, when Advani and All Advani’s Men declare the BJP stands for “cultural nationalism”, they have already given Christianity its intellectual victory in India – removing Hindu religion from the battlefield. A way of life, as the Pope has promised us all, can and will be encouraged; only this way of life will be hitched to only one religion – his religion. Cultural nationalism, which the BJP is at pains to emphasise is not religious or territorial nationalism, can thus mesh painlessly with the territory-grabbing political objective of the Church. When Hindus discard specifics in favour of the general, they have always strengthened only the Abrahamic monotheisms.


Close on the heels of the culture/language diversity con, follows the second papal con called “spiritualism sans religion” and the western liberal political con called clash of civilizations, not clash of religions.


“Living the freedom sought by individuals and peoples is a great challenge to man's spiritual growth and to the moral vitality of nations. Freedom is not simply the absence of tyranny or oppression. Nor is freedom a license to do whatever we like. Freedom has an inner "logic" which distinguishes it and ennobles it: Freedom is ordered to the truth, and is fulfilled in man's quest for truth and in man's living in the truth”.


Let us decode this too. Christianity is a one god, one son and one book religion and does not validate spiritual experiences which by definition cannot belong to the realm of monotheisms. Spiritual growth is predicated on unfettered freedom of the mind to think, feel and experience, while the essence of monotheisms is the curtailment of freedom of the mind to know anything beyond the monotheist, intolerant and demanding God and his prophets. The idea of spirituality was gaining coinage in Europe and America where the Church was faced with empty churches signalling Christianity’s failure to appeal to reason and intellect; the Church also failed to appeal to emotions not hitched to their intolerant God.  Consequently, there was a corresponding loss of faith in the Church and Christianity.


Having condemned even the natural stirrings of spirituality in America and Europe as heresy, and confronted by the spectre of an ascendant Islam, the Pope had to feign acceptance of spirituality if he had to harvest the souls of the “spiritual” cultures in non-Christian countries and nations. So we now have the papal con “spiritual growth” which however he says, cannot attain fullness unless a person is allowed to seek it in Jesus Christ. Hindus participating in inter-faith dialogues have not asked the Church to explain how, if Jesus Christ is the path, the goal and the truth, can the idea of “spiritual growth” of individuals be reconciled to the unverifiable belief of the historicity of Jesus’ life, his crucifixion and his rising from the dead.


As for the ‘truth” in the papal address, that’s a Christian, in fact Catholic monopoly. “Freedom is ordered to the truth” said the Pope to the countries of the world in 1995 at the UNGA and also said that that freedom is “fulfilled in man’s quest for truth and in man’s living in the truth”. Hindu nationalists as they wage war against the Church and Islam must never forget that the Second Vatican Council had stated unambiguously that the Vatican while encouraging inter-faith dialogue across “cultures and nations” maintains that while other “cultures” have elements of truth in them, the Catholic Church alone has all the truth; in fact, it is the only repository of truth.


So when Pope John Paul II spoke about freedom of religion being a fundamental freedom and about how this freedom is ordered to the truth and this freedom is fulfilled only when men are allowed to embark “freely” in their quest for truth, and after the quest, to “live” in truth he is actually stating the following –

-        Freedom of religion is actually a privilege accorded to Christians to undertake religious conversion in non-Christian nations; only we will call it freedom of religion and conscience

-        Anti-conversion laws are a violation of the Christian right to effect religious conversion of non-Christian Hindus and tribal communities; it is in fact a violation of the right of non-Christians’ “quest for truth”

-        Hindus cannot reconvert Indian Christians to Hindu dharma because this is a violation of our right to “living in truth”


“The incumbent Pope exemplifies this White Christian intolerance of non-Christian cultures and its congenital arrogance, as his diatribe against the newly appointed Indian Ambassador to the Vatican proves. Nothing but White Christianity’s core belief that non-White peoples are genetically stupid can explain how the Pope could lecture/hector the Indian Ambassador on the virtues of social justice, tolerance, peace, religious freedom, and India’s spiritual heritage. The Pope even had opinions on the Rajasthan government’s decision to bring in an anti-conversion law, Pakistan-India relations, on Kashmir, on the National Integration Council, on India’s Ministry for Minority Affairs and on “violence linked to political and religious extremism in the region”. The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things; and poor Ambassador Tripathi had no choice but to listen.


The disturbing signs of religious intolerance which have troubled some regions of the nation, including the reprehensible attempt to legislate clearly discriminatory restrictions on the fundamental right of religious freedom, must be firmly rejected as not only unconstitutional, but also as contrary to the highest ideals of India's founding fathers, who believed in a nation of peaceful coexistence and mutual tolerance between different religions and ethnic groups”. Thus spake Pope Benedict XVI nee Joseph Ratzinger to the Indian Ambassador”. (Ratzinger of Hamelin, Vigil Plainspeak, Archives, Plainspeak, www.vigilonline.com)


It all boils down then to conquest of new territories and harvesting new souls for Christ. For Hindus, it boils down to religious conversion. Inter-faith dialogue is a Vatican con intended to get the Church’s future victims to let their guard down. Islam has no problems riding piggy-back on this Christian con in Hindu bhumi if it can use it to further Islam’s unchanging politico-religious objective.


The Huntington-GFCH con called civilization


The Church, Islam or the State of Israel couldn’t care less what articles Swami Dayananda Saraswati writes in the New Indian Express or what talks he gives to his captive audience in Chennai or Cincinnati about how all religions do not lead to the same goal. But if Swami Dayananda Saraswati as Convener HDAS, or any other Hindu sanyasi, or the Indian Government

-        Can be summoned to the Vatican or Jerusalem or New York to sign declarations and resolutions which only strengthen Abrahamic resolve

-        If Hindu religious leaders can be made to say good and kind things about these religions and their adherents,

-        If the nation of Hindus can never have a government which will protect Hindu interests only because these bodies have been disabled and disarmed from fighting the Hindu war

-        If the highest representative of the Government of India can be summoned to papal presence and pacified into quaking silence,

That is victory and that is what really counts in maintaining the New World Order. All the song and dance ultimately boils down to religious conversion.


As Pope John-Paul II put it in plain words-

-        “And here we can see how important it is to safeguard the fundamental right to freedom of religion and freedom of conscience, as the cornerstones of the structure of human rights and the foundation of every truly free society. No one is permitted to suppress those rights by using coercive power to impose an answer to the mystery of man.

-        Jesus Christ is for us God made man, and made a part of the history of humanity. Precisely for this reason, Christian hope for the world and its future extends to every human person. Because of the radiant humanity of Christ, nothing genuinely human fails to touch the hearts of Christians.

-        Therefore, as we approach the 2,000th anniversary of the birth of Christ, the church asks only to be able to propose respectfully this message of salvation and to be able to promote, in charity and service, the solidarity of the entire human family”.


The HDAS, seven years after its creation, has failed comprehensively to deal effectively with the twin menace of Islam and the Church. It has done little, in fact nothing, to check the inroads that Islam and the Church have made in the three southern states. As Pujya Udipi Pejawara Matha Swamiji pointed out to the writer, the threat to Hindu dharma and Hindus from the Church and Islam is as acute in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh as it is in Tamil Nadu. Entire fishing hamlets, coastal villages, more and more districts in Tamil Nadu are now Christian and Muslim strongholds – Thanjavur, Thiruvarur, Nagapattinam, Tirunelvelli, North Arcot, Dindukkal (Dindigul) and Ramnad districts are the bastion of Muslims while Kanyakumari, Tirunelvelli Dindukkal, Chengalpet and Thiruvallur districts are witnessing the menacing presence of churches of all denominations.


Chennai, capital of TN, is witnessing the obscene flaunting of Muslim and Christian symbols in public spaces, completely disproportionate to their actual numbers. This flaunting of symbols has been enabled by the astronomical amounts of money pouring into the country from Christian and Muslim countries.


The only force that can challenge the State in India is the HDAS; the HDAS was created to be the collective voice of all Hindus reflecting Hindu concerns and to protect Hindu dharma and dharmi. Astronomical amounts of money pouring into the country for “charity and service”, which the Pope said in 1997, would be used to promote the solidarity of the human family. Family, as we all know, is a homogenous entity. So when the Pope said he would use charity and service to promote the solidarity of the entire human family he meant the entire Christian human family.


Samuel Huntington’s clash of civilizations prognosis was a well-argued rebuttal of Fukuyama’s self-satisfied end of history proclamation. As early as in 1993, Huntington could feel the beginning of the tremors of resistance to the uni-polar world order which was being seen as a White Christian (sans the Orthodox Church) world order; only he did not have the stomach to articulate the fact that the resistance to White Christian world order would come from other religions. Political observers and thinkers across the world were so afraid of the scenario that Huntington had unveiled, that no one asked him “what civilizations”?


We know of the Greek, Roman, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Mayan and Inca, Confucian and Saraswati-Indus (Hindu) civilizations. Except for the Hindu and Confucian civilizations, all other civilizations have been wiped off the face of the earth without trace in living societies. Of the nine blocs which Huntington lists as forces of resistance to the White-Christian uni-polar world order – Western, Latin-American, African, Islamic, Sinic, Hindu, Orthodox, Buddhist and Japanese, except for the Hindu and what Huntington calls Sinic civilizations, all others are religions; lest there is any lingering doubt about whether Hinduism is a religion or civilization, let me emphasize that all civilizations, as the writer understands the word, were the beautiful flowering of non-monotheist, pre-Christian, pre-Islamic religions. Islam and Christianity destroyed all civilizations except the Hindu and Sinic civilizations. The African continent was divided equally between Islam and the Church and although a few vestiges of the ancient and proud tribal religion remain, African societies have been irretrievably Islamised and Christianized and tribal customs can at best survive only as peripheral ‘inculturation’ devices within Christianity and as terrible heresy within Islam.


So when the GFCH website flaunts its foolishness with “All religions lead to God” and the priceless “We can learn from all civilizations”, enraged Hindus must ask Swami Dayananda Saraswati to tell us if he really thinks all religions lead to God and if Hindu dharma can really learn anything from Abrahamic religions. After all, to which civilizations is the Chennai clique referring to when they say “we” can learn from all civilizations as their self-identity on the GFCH website.    


From a passionate declaration in 2003 about how religious conversion is violence against the individual, family and society, the tone and content of the HDAS resolutions on religious conversion become more and more muted until in 2007, and then in 2010 there is just a perfunctory mention of religious conversion which is today the most menacing threat confronting Hindu survival on Hindu bhumi, and no mention at all from 2005 onwards about the threat posed by foreign funds which alone is powering not only religious conversion but also the growing control and ownership by Christians and Muslims of agricultural lands, commercial enterprises, schools, colleges, universities, small trade and commerce, venture capital and finance, inroads into films, small screen, and print and electronic media. From stronghold to stranglehold, Islam and the Church are holding the Hindus of the three southern states in a death grip.


The HDAS’ diminishing interest in internal matters coincides with the rise of the Chennai clique in 2006 and their international inter-faith misadventures. Given the nature and extent of the threat faced by Hindus on Hindu bhumi, how can the HDAS explain its preoccupation with American textbooks, books on American academe written by NRIs and PIOs in America, Wendy Doniger, global warming, and human rights, and passing resolutions about thanking some outside and inside agencies for recognizing the HDAS as the apex body of all Hindus? How can it justify and explain the glowing reference to the GFCH in its 2010 resolutions in Hyderabad?  Most importantly, how can the HDAS justify or even explain the declarations and resolutions it signed in Italy, at The Hague and in Jerusalem?


(To be continued…)

The author is editor, www.vigilonline.com 

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